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Women's Retreat 2018

September 29th, 2018


Mirrors...for most of us, they are either a curse or a blessing. Sometimes we like our reflection—we’ve lost a few pounds, we’re checking out our new outfit or hairstyle, or we’re frustrated at what we see—a new wrinkle that suddenly appeared overnight, the jeans that look too tight—you fill in the blank. According to Jon Bloom from desiringGod.org, we’re bombarded by the “constantly changing, illusive images of what the world tells us is beautiful. And the power we desire our improved image to have is not to enchant ourselves by looking at our direct reflection, but to be enchanted by other people’s admiration of us. And for us, mirrors are not just things that hang on our walls. Fallen, proud hearts turn just about everything into a mirror. Magazines, mall browsing, mutual fund reports, someone else’s immaculate lawn or impressive children or beautiful home or successful business or growing church can all become mirrors. Because when we look at them we see reflections of ourselves. We see ourselves wanting in comparison.”